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Scroll down the page to view a small sample of the publications that we offer for sale. If you wish to view our FULL catalogue of publications, please click on the link just below. 

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Carboni, Raffaello. (1872).
(Translated by Anthony Pagliaro 1993)
140 pages with illustrations & facsimile of the 1872 original hard cover
Price: $27.50 plus $4 post and package

The story of the Tarrang Aborigines in dispute with the miners who invaded the traditional territory on the Tarrang Tribe and kidnapped Gilburnia the daughter of the tribal elder. An ambitious text written in verse which Carboni intended to be performed as a mimed theatrical spectacle with musical accompaniment.


Redeeming The Time: A View of The History Of The Daylesford Uniting Church
Garner, Dr. Mark. (1990) 1860 - 1990.
29 pages soft cover
Price: $5.00 plus $2 post and package

A brief history to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the construction of the ' New Church '.




The Settlement of Swiss Ticino Immigrants in Australia
Gentilli, J.
134 pages soft cover
Price: $24.75 plus $4 post and package

The Ticinesi were probably unique as an emigrating group because of the very short time in which their exodus took place and because of the determination of many to return home as soon as possible.



A Successful Failure - a trilogy The aborigine and the early settlers
Morrison, Geoff (ed) (2002)
312 pages, some photographs hard cover
Price: $55 plus $5 post and package

This volume is a reprint of three separate publications “Early Days in the Loddon Valley”, Frontier Life in the Loddon Protectorate” and “The Loddon Aborigines”. The trilogy tells the story of the Aboriginal Protectorate System designed to be a buffer between the original inhabitants and the influx of white squatters.


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